Following on the huge success of the inaugural Prostate Cancer World Congress (PCWC) held in Melbourne in 2013, the Clinical Urology Stream at the 2015 Prostate Cancer World Congress promises to raise the bar further again.

We have assembled the world’s leading names in prostate cancer to share their thoughts on the most challenging areas in prostate cancer today. The Melbourne Consensus Statement on the Early Detection of Prostate Cancer attracted worldwide attention upon its release at the 2013 PCWC meeting and subsequent peer-review publication in the BJUI 2014, and we again plan to leverage off the presence of so many world-leading prostate cancer experts to answer some of the key questions challenging us in clinical practice today. Our International Faculty contains a multidisciplinary mix of experts from the world of urology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, translational science, nursing and allied health, and will address some of the most pressing areas in prostate cancer today including:

  • Castrate resistant prostate cancer – the changing paradigm
  • Diagnosis, staging & risk stratification – who needs treatment when?
  • Advances in MRI and PET imaging
  • Oligometastatic prostate cancer
  • Active surveillance – optimal selection and surveillance strategies
  • Radical prostatectomy – improving outcomes
  • Advances in radiation oncology

In addition to the keynote addresses in the main plenary, we will present breakfast sessions, satellite sessions, specialist Masterclasses including the Robotic Prostatectomy Masterclass. Following the sold-out popularity of last year’s inaugural MRI Prostate Masterclass in Melbourne, we are delighted to welcome back Dr Jelle Barentsz to lead another hands-on MRI Prostate Masterclass in Cairns.

We are greatly looking forward to presenting another outstanding Clinical Urology Program at PCWC 2015 and we thank you for your support.

Associate Professor Declan Murphy – Convenor, Clinical Urology
Professor Tony Costello – President, PCWC