(This program was formerly the nursing and allied health stream)

The multidisciplinary prostate cancer management stream will showcase best practice and leading research in a multidisciplinary program incorporating urology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy, exercise physiology and sex therapy. This program stream aims to bring clinicians and researchers together to explore the challenges of providing best practice care and support to men with prostate cancer and their families.

Our key international speaker is Dr Christian Nelson who is a clinical psychologist from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, USA. Dr Nelson is a leading expert in the psycho-oncology aspects of prostate cancer. His areas of expertise include sexual dysfunction and sexual rehabilitation, the impact of prostate cancer on relationships and intimacy and cognitive difficulties in the context of hormonal therapy.

Highlights of the program in 2015 will include:

What’s new in Prostate Cancer in 2015

This multidisciplinary session will provide an overview from urology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy and exercise physiology about the latest evidence based practice, research and emerging trends in best practice management of men with localised and advanced prostate cancer.

Networking for health professionals

This interactive workshop will be led by Dr Sonja Hood an expert in leadership and networking. Dr Hood has more than 20 years experience in health and now leads The Huddle at North Melbourne Football Club where she implements community based health, education and wellbeing programs.

Learn how to boost your networking skills to build strong collaborative relationships, improve your practice and learn from others.

Networking breakfast

Following on from the afternoon workshop this breakfast session will be interactive, engaging and fun. Take the next steps to meet your colleagues at the congress and start building your new network of like-minded health professionals and researchers.

Pre-habilitation – No surprises:

This session will focus on the multidisciplinary approach to managing localised prostate cancer patients prior to treatment. What does the evidence tell us about preparing patients? What education should we be providing? What approach should we be taking to erectile function and continence management pre-operatively? How can we best support patient expectations and reduce distress? All these questions and more will be comprehensively addressed in this interactive and informative session.

Multidisciplinary case discussion

Following the success of previous complex case discussion sessions this year we will dedicate a full session to exploring the complexities of managing patients from a multidisciplinary point of view. Join our expert panel to work through a series of interesting case discussions, ask questions and talk about your practice.

A half day erectile dysfunction and sexual rehabilitation workshop – from beginners to advanced practice

We have dedicated two full sessions to explore the complex and challenging field of sexual dysfunction and sexual rehabilitation. The first session will provide all the basic information needed to commence a sexual rehabilitation program – from ED aids and devices, to penile prosthesis, how to manage the learning curve of establishing a sexual rehabilitation program, what non-medical devices are available and how to talk to patients about these, to engaging couples in the program and managing the psychological aspects of care.

The advanced ED session will focus on extending your knowledge about sexual dysfunction and sexual rehabilitation. This session will explore the complexities of sexual dysfunction, couple factors and intimacy and issues of identity, how to talk to men and their partners about trialling new sexual devices, how to work within the multidisciplinary team to optimize sexual outcomes, and the role of GP in supporting the sexual rehabilitation program. This session will also provide an opportunity for discussion about managing complex sexual dysfunction cases.

Exercise out in the park

This interactive workshop will be led by the team from Edith Cowan University, Prof Robert Newton. Learn from the experts about home-based exercise programs that you can share with your patients. This is an interactive workshop so it is encouraged to dress appropriately and be ready for some fun activity outside in the beautiful Cairns weather.

An introduction to clinical research methods for busy clinicians

This session will provide you with all you need to know about designing and implementing your next research project. Learn how to take a clinical idea through to a methodologically sound and publishable piece of work, learn about quantitative and qualitative methods and share your insights into what makes research projects successful.

Transperineal ultrasound workshop

Learn from the best in the field in this interactive workshop which will include live demonstrations of the technique, comparison with transabdominal ultrasound and the application of these tools in pelvic floor interventions and urinary incontinence. This workshop would be ideal for anyone with an interest in the pelvic floor and incontinence and is open to physiotherapists, nurses, consultants and any allied health professionals.

An introduction to mindfulness

This interactive introduction to mindfulness practice will provide you with an insight into the benefits of this popular meditation practice. Learn how to start a mindfulness practice that will benefit you and your patients.

A showcase of the best submitted abstracts – submit your abstract in now!

Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to present their work in a multidisciplinary plenary session showcasing the best research and clinical practice being conducted. All abstracts will be published in the British Journal of Urology International so get your abstracts in now.